Self-portrait (2016, digital illustration high resolution color print, 18”x24”)

Using a digitally augmented drawing of the artist, Burns explores the dynamic relationships between the material and immaterial in artistic practice and arts valuation in Self-portrait. In Self-portrait, where an original paper-based drawing is dematerialized, augmented with immaterial 2D forms created in the virtual space, and digitally printed in the material world, the creative process informs and is as important as the completed work itself. With Self-portrait, an original digital work with an immaterial and material nature that allows for an infinite number of mirror copies, Burns examines the proliferation of artists, audiences, and participants who have the ability to create mirror copies of original digital artwork and challenges us to re-examine how value is assigned to digital artwork. Through his digital print, Self-portrait, Burns invites audiences to explore the material, immaterial, and digital artwork valuation.